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Auroral Physics
  Auroral arc electrodynamics
  Possible relationship between visible auroral arcs and ion beams
  The altitude of the auroral acceleration region
  Experimental investigation of auroral generator regions by Cluster/FAST conjunctions
  Catalog of geomagnetic events recorded on-board the MAGION-2 satellite during 1990
  Investigation of field-aligned currents in double-oval configuration
  Small-scale structure of field aligned currents and discrete auroral arcs
Boundary Layers
  Investigation of magnetopause region with Cluster satellites
Space Plasma Simulations and Models
  Impulsive penetration mechanism
  Investigation of non-uniform electromagnetic fields with test-particle simulations
  Solutions of the steady-state Vlasov equation by numerical integration of its characteristics
  Magnetohydrostatic model of mirror modes
Fundamental dynamics of collisionless magnetized plasma
  Kinetic modeling of sheared plasma flows
  Two-dimensional model of a sheared flow layer
Methods and Techniques
  Attitude determination of a near Earth small satellite by using magnetometer data only
  Plasma wave source location
Hardware development
  Three axes fluxgate magnetometers
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