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The GPSM projects were / are conducted in close interaction with space physics research groups from institutes and universities from abroad:
    Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy ( BISA), Bruxelles, Belgium.
    Institute of Atmospheric Physics ( IAP), Prague, Czech Republic.
    Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics ( MPE), Garching, Germany.
    Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics ( IGEP), Braunschweig, Germany.
    Space Research Institute ( IKI), Moscow, Russia.
    Institute of Experimental Physics ( IEP), Kosice, Slovakia.
    Alfven Laboratory ( AL) of the Royal Technical University, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Swedish Institute of Space Physics ( IRF), Kiruna, Sweden.
    Physics Department of the Umea University ( PDU), Sweden.
    Space Physics Research Group ( SPRG), Space Sciences Lab., UC Berkeley, USA.
    University of Alberta ( UofA), Canada.
Some of the themes investigated in cooperative projects with foreign partners are:
    Space plasma dynamics and the transfer of plasma through the terrestrial magnetopause (with BISA and MPE).
    Energy conversion and transfer in the auroral magnetosphere (with MPE and PDU)
    Magnetosphere?ionosphere coupling, by using in-situ and ground data, as well as numerical models (with BISA and IRF).
    Auroral arc electrodynamics (with MPE, SPRG, and AL).
    Theoretical and experimental investigation of low frequency wave modes in the magnetosheath (with IGEP).
    Methods to derive the satellite attitude based on magnetic field data and dynamical modeling of the satellite motion (with IAP).
A comprehensive overview of the GPSM research is given in the Research/Topics page.
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