The Space Plasma and Magnetometry Group from the Insitute for Space Sciences, Bucharest, is glad to announce the second STIMM Workshop, to take place in Romania, in the Carpathian mountains.
Solar - Terrestrial Interactions from Microscale to Global Models (STIMM)
June 12-16, 2007, Cota 1400, Romania
STIMM-2 will concentrate again on:
Auroral Physics
Magnetospheric Boundaries
with emphasis on the relationship between boundary layers and aurora. Recent Cluster results, as well as conjugate studies, are particularly welcome.
As in 2005, we intend to make STIMM-2 an enjoyable event, where people will find easy to discuss controversial issues, in a friendly and open atmosphere. A new dimension will be added to the Workshop, by coupling it to the COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop Solar-Terrestrial Interactions: Instrumentation and Techniques, organized at the same place, from June 4 - 16, 2007. We hope that the two events will fruitfully complement each other, by advancing our understanding on the Sun - Earth relationship and by preparing the ground for future projects.
Last update: October 28, 2007
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