Field-aligned currents (FACs) are a key component of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system in the auroral region, providing the transfer of energy and momentum between the collision-free magnetospheric plasma and the collisional ionosphere. Swarm provides an optimum platform to explore the low altitude end of the field-aligned currents and their ionospheric closure, benefiting from the advantage of multi-point observations in various configurations.

The overarching goal of SIFACIT is to prove the feasibility of using Swarm data in order to: i) provide new FAC products together with appropriate quality indicators, ii) investigate the often neglected longitudinal dimension of ionospheric electrodynamics in the auroral region, and iii) explore the Joule heating on multiple scales. The project is expected to provide a solid ground for follow-up activities, targeted towards new data products and enhanced exploitation of the Swarm observations.