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Credit photo:www.esa.int
The Space Plasma and Magnetometry Group (GPSM) from the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS), Bucharest, was born in the first half of the 1990's. Several Romanian Magnetometers flown in space, first within the Intercosmos program, and then in the frame of the Interball mission, acquired a substantial data volume, useful both for navigation and for science. The initial target of GPSM was the processing and interpretation of the magnetic field data measured in-situ by the Romanian instruments. A short history of the Romanian magnetometry experiments can be found here.
The GPSM scientific activity has gradually expanded. The group is now active in various fields of space plasma research, in particular the physics of the magnetosphere and its coupling with solar wind and ionosphere. We contribute to the analysis of data measured by Cluster and FAST missions and develop projects that focus on theoretical and numerical modeling of space plasma. Some of our major research themes are introduced below.
Last update: January, 2019
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